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About Us

RD technologies is a vibrant, dynamic IT Service provider that caters for all types of business, small and corporate. The Managing Member of the company, Mr. Richard Noel, holds a National Diploma in Project Management that makes him suitably qualified to manage IT Projects, Audio & Visual Projects and various Security Projects as well as the company as a whole.

Apart from his qualification, he has extensive work experience within the industry.

  • 3 years of IT support work as a media/library in a computer operations environment for a large banking institution.
  • 5 years experience in supporting bank production systems as a junior analyst and continued with promotion to senior operations analyst with programming.
  • 6 years experience in PC/LAN environment. Setting up, monitoring, training and supporting the network infrastructure and standard software suites.
  • 12 years in hardware and software support and internet security.
  • Conducting internal ISO Audits and planning and implementing projects within various departments.
  • 11 years of managing CCTV and security installations for large corporate institutions
  • 5 years of installing Audio and Visual solutions in various arena applications

RD Technologies boasts accomplishments in local and international server based installations, network admistration and remote support.



We operate a business based on integrity, value and honesty at all times. Confidentiality of information is vital to our companys mission.



IT is the keeper of a company's information. The integrity, security and accessibility of the information is essential to the continued stable and efficient operation of the company. IT provides the means to access the company's information, search it, select from it, update it, store it, encapsulate it, and otherwise manipulate the data, in all of its forms.

Our Management Team

Richard Noel

Head of ICT & Operations

Naven Reddy
Business Analyst / Project Manager

E-commerce & ERP Systems

Derik Randall
Senior Network Engineer

IT Infrastructure

Steve Dritts
Senior Software Developer

Software Development

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About Us

RD technologies is a vibrant, dynamic IT Service provider that caters for all types of business, small and corporate.


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