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IT Support

IT Support

We have a wide range of managed dedicated servers, which allow your applications to make a 100% productive and efficient.

Professional IT services should be near invisible, background actions which constantly monitor, improve and maintain the efficiency of your network without consuming your time. Dealing with a single IT service company that offers a complete range of IT services frees you to focus on the tasks which generate profits, rather than managing separate entities, receiving multitudes or varying reports or tracking disparate performance levels.  

RD Technoloiges has the capability to install and maintain your computer systems, telephones, email and internet - truly managing every aspect of the technology that keeps your business running smoothly.
All of RD technologies service engineers includes experienced and qualified technicians who are ready and able to handle any IT related problem with ease.

Our engineers are professionals who hold advanced qualifications in IT management, specialising in a range of systems and applications, including Windows Desktop, Windows Server, computer backup software, computer networking, Microsoft Exchange, emails.

Computer Support:

RD Technologies prides itself in offering full service computer support, which prides itself in repairing and getting them up and running again in the shortest time possible, with the absolute minimum hassle and inconvenience.

Our support technicians can securely connect to your computer and diagnose, troubleshoot and solve problems from our support centre remotely as well as perform routine maintenance on your computers, without causing any interruptions to your work.

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RD technologies is a vibrant, dynamic IT Service provider that caters for all types of business, small and corporate.


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