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Networking technologies for the backbone of your company.

IT infrastructures seamlessly connect devices, applications, business processes and people, and allow effortless sharing of information, thereby breaking down barriers within an organisation and promoting better collaboration and therefore greater productivity.

Often we greatly under value the importance of our network cabling infrastructure. When it comes to our company’s IT infrastructure, cabling is most often the lowest cost purchase we incur and yet it forms the backbone upon which the performance and reliability of our daily data communications takes place. It is utilised every minute of every working day making the consistency of its performance of utmost importance.

It is thus that you require a reliable, professional company to assist and guide you every step of the way, a company that can provide you with after service and support far into the future. RD Technologies has been around for the past 12 years, and will continue to be there for you.

Our skills and experience mean that RD Technologies is able to offer an entire solution, beginning to end - one company that does it all.

Whether your requirements pertain to new or existing network infrastructures, our in-house team of network consultants and technicians are here to assist with the planning, design and installation of your company’s structured cabling system.

Whether you are moving into a new building, relocating offices to an already existing building, growing your company through physical expansion, or simply rearranging your current layout and wanting additions, moves and changes made, RD Technologies is here to make it all happen - from running a single cable to multi-floor installations, including the provision of network equipment and peripherals such as switches and server cabinets (wall mount to full height)

Wherever required, an initial site survey is carried out, after which the network is designed in collaboration with YOU - the client, and a tailor made solution is put together to best fit your needs. Testing can also be done to analyse network vulnerabilities, after which recommendations are made for network improvements.

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RD technologies is a vibrant, dynamic IT Service provider that caters for all types of business, small and corporate.


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